Amanda Johns Vaden

Founding Partner

Break out Description:

Amanda Johns Vaden is the world’s leading expert on reducing client turnover. Her signature program is called & Then Some: The Art of Exceeding Expectations and it focuses on helping businesses grow sales by retaining and strengthening relationships with their existing clients. Amanda is one of the Founding Partners at Southwestern Consulting™, which is now a multi-million dollar sales consulting organization with more than 115 team members that have helped more than 7,000 sales teams in 35 countries. At this session you will learn to:

  • Use generational communication preferences so you connect better with your client base
  • Customize & personalize client follow-up through three easy steps
  • What, when, where, why & how to use follow-up to increase client retention and gain new clients
  • Use LinkedIN to find leads, generate referrals & manage your connections
  • Use Facebook as your own contact mining database based on your ideal client criteria
  • Use Pinteres to direct your online traffic through visual based efforts



A refreshing uniqueness about Amanda is that she is not one of those speakers who was very successful and then starting speaking to others about her success. Amanda is an active practitioner, present tense, in the fields of selling, running a business, leading people and facing all the same challenges as the audiences she speaks to. Her relevant content and fresh perspective on what it takes to be original, memorable and successful in today’s world is based on her trial and error approach that is ever changing, never boring and always up to date with what is happening in the world around us.

Amanda is a Founding Partner at Southwestern Consulting™, which is an international, multimillion dollar sales consulting organization, which focuses on creating systems to increase performance. Her involvement in Southwestern Consulting™ started in 2006 where she traveled the country working with over one thousand U.S. based sales offices training them on best practices in sales and business.

As an actual practitioner of professional selling – and not just a teacher – Amanda personally produces over $1 million in revenue every year. Her personal clients include companies like Bridgestone, DIRECTV, Verizon Cellular Sales, Budget Blinds, Wells Fargo and AFLAC just to name a few.  She is the author of a popular online training course called 4-Dimensional Follow Up: How to Increase Client Retention and Develop Customer Loyalty.

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