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Breakout Topic: Customer Service Experience: It’s All in the Details. Multi-Unit Operational Excellence.

How would you like your company to provide consistently great customer service experience?  Not just some of the time, but all of the time.  Pal’s Sudden Service, the 2001 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner does just that. Pal’s consistently has one of the highest levels of customer rankings for hospitality.  Learn how they do it.  Learn the principle on which this superb execution is based.  Formulate how you might use this principle in your company to consistently “Wow” your customers with great hospitality … every time.


David McClaskey is Co-Founder (with Thom Crosby in 2000) and President of Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (www.palsbei.com).  The mission of the Institute is to inspire and enable leaders to achieve operational excellence. The Institute, where David is one of the key instructors, currently trains 800 leaders per year.  Seventy percent of Pal’s BEI revenue is from repeat business.  Since 2012, the Institute’s training process, which David developed, has inspired and enabled 100% of the companies attending to implement something they learned during the training in their operations within four weeks.  As far as is known, this is a benchmark for this type of training.  Pal’s BEI training is based on the role model practices of the Baldrige National Quality Award winning 26-unit Quick Service Restaurant brand: Pal’s Sudden Service.  Pal’s Sudden Service has: 4 times the repeat business of national brands; 4 times faster service than that of the best competitors (a car leaves the drive thru line every 18 seconds); more than 10 times better order accuracy; has some of the highest levels  of  customer hospitality rankings; and has half the employee turnover of the industry.  

Some of the highlights of David’s 40-year training, consulting, and speaking career in inspiring and enabling others include:

  • trained over 10,000 people in performance excellence
  • assisted seven companies to win eight Baldrige Awards (about 8% of the total awards given), including The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company twice and K&N Management (the only other restaurant company to win the Baldrige Award)
  • worked for two Baldrige winning companies
  • assisted Florida Power and Light to be the first company outside of Japan to win Japan’s National Quality Award, The Deming Prize
  • developed the initial training and trained the first group of Baldrige Examiners at the request of the U.S. government; the basic format of the Examiner training David developed is still used today, 26 years later
  • appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to be a Baldrige Judge
  • consultant with 100’s of companies of all types and sizes in operational excellence, Baldrige, Lean, Customer Service, Lean Six Sigma, and Strategic Planning
  • David is a Fellow of both the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE); is a licensed Professional Engineer, and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering
  • The University of Florida established the Leavenworth/McClaskey undergraduate scholarship in 1995 and East Tennessee State established the Harley McClaskey Scholarship in 2014.

Contact: DavidQM@palsweb.com

Phone: 423-341-2133

To learn more about Operation Excellence visit David's Website here.

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