Tracey Moss

Director of the Owners Club at Hilton Worldwide

Breakout Topic: Driving Franchise Engagement.

Every big business wants to wow its customers, but are you also inspiring your brand agents – your business partners and distributors – to feel that same sort of passion about your brand? If not, the time to start is now. Tracey Moss will take you on a journey through the life cycle of a member of Hilton Worldwide Owners Access, a unique club designed to fully engage Hilton Worldwide hotel owners around the globe. During this presentation, you will discover the deep difference between building value and loyalty … and what comes next. You will learn how to meaningfully engage with partners and distributors, how to measure both the rational and emotional success of that engagement and how to secure brand allegiance by leveraging the Loyalty Equation.


Tracey Moss believes in creating memorable experiences for people and in making meaningful moments come to life. As the Director of the Owners Club at Hilton Worldwide, she dedicates herself to providing inspirational levels of service and hospitality to the world’s leaders of hospitality. Her vehicle for doing so is the Owners Club, which she and her team launched in 2011. This unique recognition club caters to more than 4,000 Hilton Worldwide franchisees and their key influencers around the world.

With 25 years in the hospitality industry, Tracey’s experiences have taught her to always look at a product through the lens of the consumer and to focus on the experience. To Tracey, what’s in the box is not as important as how it feels to open it.

Tracey is passionate about technology and is in a committed relationship with data. And with a keen understanding that people engage with her brands for emotional and rational reasons, she also realizes the importance of non-quantifiable measures and the impact of the little things, including the art of a handwritten note. As the lines between personal and professional lives are disappearing, Tracey believes in accepting and embracing relationships wherever they may happen.

Learning to form relationships was easy in Tracey’s large, close-knit family (picture The Waltons). Although she comes from a dynasty of Kentucky bourbon brewers, her Daddy forged in her a love for learning and the value of a good education. Tracey rounded out her life in hospitality by marrying a chef with whom she has two dynamic and well-fed children. Celebrating twenty plus years together, Tracey and her husband are wowed by the great outdoors, travel and all things that surprise and delight her global partners.  

While wowing those partners, Tracey and her team have won industry accolades for strategic communications, use of technology and partner relations, and she has been invited to share her insights and expertise at numerous national customer service conferences. To Tracey, though, the highest honor she has ever received came in the form of a Post-It note. The note was from a customer/partner and simply said, “I want to learn from you.” It inspires her daily.

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