Dave Sanderson

Keynote, Author

When US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson” ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be. The last passenger off the back of the plane on that fateful day, he was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others, risking his own life in frigid water to help other passengers off the plane.

Despite the hazard to himself, Sanderson thought only of helping others and emerged from the wreckage with a mission: to encourage others to do the right thing.

Breakout Topic: Create your own Flight Plan

Combining his work as the security director for Tony Robbins, and his 30 years’ experience in sales and account management, Dave teaches the key distinctions on what drives people to do what they do and the tools to help you to “Create your own Flight Plan”.

He will show you how to compress decades of other people’s experiences into days for you and your team to execute.

Key Areas Dave Covers Are:

  • Developing Your Inner Hero
  • Managing Your Mind During a Crisis
  • The Power of Personal Responsibility
  • How to turn your relationships from "transactions" to "raving fans"


Website: http://davesandersonspeaks.com/

eMail: dave@davesandersonspeaks.com

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