Michael Caito

President & CEO, Restaurants on the Run

Michael Caito was born in Buffalo, New York. As a teenager Michael headed off to California and attended college at Cal State Fullerton in Orange County. After his 5th year of college Michael decided to set three goals for himself, get in shape, pay off his debt and start a business. In 1993, Michael co-founded Restaurants on the Run with his 2 partners.

Today, Michael is seen as being the expert in execution.

Restaurants on the Run is a multi-restaurant delivery and catering company serving Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Las Vegas. As CEO, Michael manages the company by upholding the organizational values and being the motivating force behind driving the company’s vision of being “THE" food delivery solution for corporate America. Today Restaurants on the Run partners with over 1100 restaurants, over 300 delivery drivers and delivers over 150,000 meals per month.
Michael’s business passions include leadership development, creating high performance organizations and delivering World Class Service. Michael is a genuine leader who believes in sharing his experiences and business practices with other entrepreneurs. Through his speaking engagements Michael delivers important messages about having the right people in your business, creating focus and achieving results which is his key to execution.

Michael is also the Chairman of The Entrepreneur's Organization (EO). EO is a Global community of 8000 entrepreneurs in 40 countries. EO’s mission is to engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

Outside of work Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons, traveling, art, outdoor sports and music. He also commits time to the Child Guidance Center of Orange County and is currently an active board member.

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