Stan Slap

Keynote Speaker, Author

Stan Slap is the president of the international consulting company, slap Company. He is an expert in creating ferocious support in manager, employee and Customer cultures – the three groups that decide the success of any business.

Stan’s strategic work has created huge impact for organizations ranging from MICROSOFT and EBAY to the IRS and the GOVERNMENT OF NORTHERN IRELAND. He has increased employee engagement for HSBC, helped DELOITTE redesign their client experience, and developed the new brand strategy for BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION.

Stan’s training programs are taught in over 70 countries and the first of his three books, Bury My Heart at Conference Room B was recently published by Penguin and immediately became a bestseller, topping charts from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal.

His corporate biography says that, “Stan is intent on making a profound difference in the world – before he is forcibly removed from it.”
Today, Stan is intent on making a profound difference in our world. Buckle up: we’re going off road!

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