Holly Stiel


Breakout Topics: The Two Most Important Skills in Customer Service

  • In a world where the only thing anyone ever wants to hear is YES and you sometimes have to be the messenger of NO, it is important to learn how to deliver the disappointing news. For the times when Yes is not an option—learn how to make NO fly.
  • No One will ever be satisfied without a sincere apology
  • Learn how to get an A in service with the four A’s in the Art of the Apology.  When things go wrong, knowing how to apologize can turn an upset customer into a loyal one.


Holly Stiel is a trailblazing service philosopher, keynote speaker, trainer and consultant. She is known for her unique, dynamic and interactive presentation style, as well as her talent for transforming companies and their cultures. Her wisdom and know how have been conveyed in 25 languages, and delivered across the globe, from Japan to Johannesburg.

Holly’s initial experience started on the front lines of service in the hospitality industry. In 1976, Holly became the first female concierge in the U.S., when she created the desk at the Grand Hyatt Union Square in San Francisco. She spent the next 17 years gaining firsthand experience and in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of world-class concierges.

In 1992, Holly stepped out from the concierge desk with a passion for sharing the secrets and inspirations she had gained in the world of hospitality. Since then, she has been customizing and adapting programs for a wide variety industries—ranging from Bank of America to NASCAR to Audi.

Holly is a published author, having written the following books, which are considered the definitive works on concierge service for hotel professionals: The Art and Science of the Hotel Concierge, which has been translated from the original English to Spanish and Chinese, and Ultimate Service: The Complete Handbook to the World of the Concierge.

She has also authored books with broader appeal, which are tailored for all industries: Thank You Very Much – A Book for Anyone Who Has Ever Said, “May I Help You?” and The Neon Signs of Service Two new books are also on the way: The A-Z Guide for Making the Most of Your Hotel Concierge and The Profit Prophet Presents ROWM™—Return on What Matters, a one-of-a-kind exploration of Neoleadership for 21st Century.

Holly has been honored as the first female and non-corporate executive to receive the “Distinguished Visiting Professor” Chair from Johnson and Wales University, spokesperson for the concierge services provided by the VISA Signature® card, worldwide Speaker for American Express Black Card and recipient of the Honorary International Member Award by Les Clefs d’Or. This association of professional hotel concierges, with which she has been very active, has designated 2013 “The Year of Holly.”

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