Matthew Jeffers

Keynote Speaker

Matthew Jeffers is known as the man who motivated the Baltimore Ravens to win the 2013 Super Bowl. Matthew Jeffers is an actor and speaker who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated in May with a B.S in Theatre. His hopes and dreams of playing in the NBA came to a crashing halt as a teenager when he realized he would never be any taller than 4’2”.

Matthew did not have a typical childhood.  He was born with Skeletal Dysplasia, he has endured over 21 surgeries, some small, others life-threatening. He has had a tracheotomy, blood transfusions, spent summers in a hip spica cast, and had to learn how to walk again. Through it all, he has always had and remains having an incredible positive attitude. In 2013 Matthew gained national attention when he & his story inspired the Baltimore Ravens, who ended up winning the 2013 Super Bowl. Matthew’s story was featured in an ESPN segment.

Also, check out Matthew's standing ovation during a speaking engagement for Anytime Fitness!

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